Nicola Starmer, a 42-YEAR-OLD Waterford woman who injured her right wrist when she fell off a ladder, has been awarded €25,000 damages in the Circuit Civil Court against her former employer, Argos. Murray Johnson, counsel for Ms Starmer, said that she had to use a ladder in the store to retrieve items which would then be dispatched to a customer collecting point. Ms Starmer, said she had been near the top of the ladder and had to twist her body to collect a box, she had been carrying the box under her left arm, while descending the ladder, when she suddenly fell backwards and landed on her right side. Ms. Stamer attended hospital and x rays confirmed a dislocation of her wrist.

 Argos Waterford, which denied liability, said Ms Starmer had been properly trained to self-assess risks and ask for assistance if necessary. Mr. Johnson said his client had been under pressure as she had been on her own and had to collect extra items. He told the court Ms Starmer had not been trained properly to work in the stockroom or to use a ladder. Mr. Johnson further stated her training had been computer and DVD based rather than practical. Judge Groarke said he accepted Ms Starmer had been under pressure and had not been properly trained. He awarded her €25,000 damages.  Read more about Personal Injury.

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