CASE STUDY – Breast Augmentation and Uplift Surgery.

Emma has recently concluded a case where a claim was taken for negligence during a breast augmentation and uplift procedure. The claim was brought against the well known clinic and surgeon who carried out the surgery.

Our client, a lady in her early 20’s attended at the clinic for advice as she suffered from ptosis (uneven breasts).  She was advised that she would need implants in both breasts and an uplift to correct the issue.

Unfortunately, after the procedure she noticed that one of her breasts was an unusual shape, she could clearly see the outline of the implant and this breast was noticeably higher than the other. She reattended the clinic and the surgeon advised that she would need corrective surgery.

The second surgery was not a success. Our client was left with uneven breasts and further scarring. The clinic advised that she would need a further corrective surgery. At this point our client sought a second opinion from a surgeon at a private hospital. This plastic surgeon advised our client that she would need a third surgery as the implant had been placed incorrectly in the breast. It was at this point our client came to us seeking expert advice.

Proceedings were issued and shortly after the solicitors for the surgeon came to us requesting settlement talks. Due to the ongoing Covid 19 Pandemic these talks were conducted via Zoom. The case settled for a six figure sum and included the cost of our clients’ revisionary surgery.

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