Women's Medical Negligence

Contraceptive Advice / Treatment

Contraception is a very broad term which covers a range of products and procedures from condoms to surgical contraception. Oral contraceptives operate by releasing hormones into the body and altering the normal hormonal structure of the body. For this reason, they have more side effects than other forms of contraception. Because of these side effects the decision to use the contraceptive pill should only be made after your G.P. has taken a full history and carried out a thorough examination including blood pressure tests.

Your G.P. should also advise you of the possible side effects and risks of taking the oral contraceptive pill. Medical negligence may arise from doctors failing to take a detailed history when prescribing the oral contraceptive pill or from not warning a patient of the potential side effects of the combined pill. James McSweeney Solicitors have successfully brought product liability claims against the manufacturers of an intra uterine device which failed to operate as advised.

  • Common Issues:

    The following is a short list of  the most common medical negligence claims arising from negligent contraceptive advice or treatment:
    • Oral contraceptive side effects such as stroke or thrombosis
    • Perforation of bodily tissues by intra  uterine device
    • Injectable hormone contraceptive complications
    • Surgical contraception i.e. tubal ligation or vasectomy negligence*

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