Medical Negligence

Brain Injury

James McSweeney Solicitors is one of the most experienced Law Firm in Ireland with regard to traumatic injuries.  These are the most difficult cases to run and can sometimes take up to five years to settle.  It is therefore essential that you choose a Solicitor who has Expert Medical Witnesses that he/she can call upon in Ireland, the UK and the States in order to run your case successfully.  James has influential contacts and is well known in this area of Law.

  • Our Experience

    We have long experience of acting for victims of accidents which cause Brain Injury.  Coping with an acquired Brain Injury is very challenging, not only for the victim, but also for the victims family and friends.  It is also very challenging to act for someone with an acquired Brain Injury.  Often there is a total loss of memory and it is crucial to act very quickly to preserve evidence whether it be physical evidence or witness evidence. A particular skill set may be needed to reconstruct events and the investigation stage of these cases is often the most crucial.  Having a refined network of specialist professional support is essential.  James has had training in forensic accident investigation from a former member of the UK Police Accident Investigation Unit.  Although its not a formal qualification, he has found that it always results in a  head start when it comes to gathering in and preserving the evidence necessary to succeed in a case, especially where the victim cannot remember what happened.

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