Medical Negligence

Dentistry Negligence

At James McSweeney Solicitors we have noticed a recent surge in Dental Negligence claims.

Examples of negligent dental care include failure to diagnose or treat serious oral disease, injury due to necessary dental work and injury due to elective cosmetic dentistry.

Negligent dental care does not include dental care that was simply unsuccessful or yielded unexpected results. Firstly, you have to prove that the dentist owed you a duty of care and, secondly, that he or she breached this duty as no other dentist in a similar position would have acted in the same manner as your dentist. To prove the duty of care was breached, it may be necessary to engage an expert in your dentists’ field of expertise. This expert will prepare a report based on a review of your medical records and examination.

  • Have you been a victim?

    If you feel you may have been the victim of dental negligence you should;
    1. Write a detailed note of your attendance(s) with your dentist,
    2. Request a copy of your medical records and scans
    3. Contact us as we have specialist experience in dealing with Dental Negligence claims.
    You have two years from the date of the negligence or from the date you knew or ought to have known of the negligence to take a claim for Dental Negligence.

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