Medical Negligence

Hospital Negligence

The nature of general surgery means that the number and variety of mistakes that can be made are wide ranging which may lead to a Hospital Negligence Claim.

We have come across basic mistakes such as leaving an instrument or swabs behind and also damaging an organ by accident during a surgical procedure. Unfortunately a common mistake is to mix up left and right.

Many of the body’s organs are doubled up as in the case of kidneys. Such a negligent mistake can be catastrophic and the patient is left in a far worse situation destroying healthy tissue and leaving the original problem unresolved.  Please have a look at our Surgical Errors Page.

Almost inevitable, general surgical mistakes lead to additional unnecessary surgery and can, in extreme cases, lead to death. The damage can go unnoticed. Without proper aftercare the problem can get much worse. In these cases it is often the lack of decent aftercare or the reluctance to admit that a mistake was made that leads to negligent lack of action.

James McSweeney is one of Ireland’s leading Hospital Negligence Solicitors and has dealt with many high profile cases. Hospital Negligence and Clinical Negligence claims are probably the most difficult type of litigation cases to win.

  • Experienced Representation

    James McSweeney Solicitors have years of experience representing Plaintiffs who have been injured or who have died as a result of Medical Negligence including cases involving:
    • Poor results from surgery/surgical errors
    • Damage to organs
    • Damage to nerves
    • Spinal Injury Claims
    • Anaesthetic awareness
    • Failure to gain consent
    • Incorrect organ removal
    • Instruments /tissue/cloth not removed
    • Dirty instruments used
    • Misdiagnosis
    • Misperscription / Medication errors

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