CV19 Update – James McSweeney Solicitors

With lockdown it is more important than ever to redouble our efforts and stay positive.  If we have any message it is the importance of adapting and adopting new ways of maintaining momentum in both our personal and business lives.  In short, think positively and, crucially, ACT positively!

At James McSweeney Solicitors we continue to work at full staff levels for our Clients.  This week alone we have taken part in two successful Mediations over the Zoom media platform.  In addition we have taken on new business  with face to face virtual consultations and more successful settlement meetings.  This will allow us continue to progress our clients cases to a successful conclusion even though the Courts are virtually closed as well as servicing new Clients as they keep coming on board.

Be assured that we are working away on your behalf.  Every week the way we do business as lawyers is changing.  As new challenges come up we work to find a way around  and get your business done.

This week’s lesson is time.  We don’t have the time that we used to have.  In the last two weeks we have taken on new clients who were hard up against the time limits for taking a Court Case.  It used to be the case that we could act immediately and lodge Court Proceedings.  Now we have to make an appointment.  What used to take a few hours now can take a few days.  Similar delays are being experienced across the board of our experience.  The lesson is that if you have an intention to contact a Solicitor but have been putting it off because of Covid-19 then do not delay any more. Get in touch with your Solicitor immediately!

As we keep saying, Covid 19 continues to challenge us to find new ways of getting our business done.  The very best way for us all to prevail is to support each other and keep the show on the road!!

Let’s get our work done and keep each other safe and well

Keep active.  Keep Busy.

Stay informed.  Stay Safe.

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