Women's Medical Negligence

Labour Related Injuries

The majority of pregnancies and birth proceed without any major difficulties however, mistakes can be made by your medical team during pregnancy (antenatal care), the delivery process or with your aftercare. These mistakes may lead to complications resulting in...

Third and Fourth Degree Tears

Towards the end of labour your skin and muscle layers in or around your vagina stretch and thin to allow your baby make his or her entrance into the world. Tears are most common in women having their first vaginal delivery and range from small abrasions to deep...

Reproductive Issues

James McSweeney Solicitor specialises in the area of reproductive law. He has represented clients in the High Court and the Supreme Court in reproductive matters, most notably the case of Roche v. Roche [2010]. There are many different types of fertility treatment...

Cosmetic Procedures

The private cosmetic surgery industry in the Republic of Ireland is inadequately regulated. Cosmetic surgery clinics often employ or contract doctors who are specialists in areas other than plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery including general surgeons,...

Mesh Implants

To date, thousands of women all over Ireland have received transvaginal mesh surgery for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. A large number of these surgeries have been successful but unfortunately, there are hundreds of women...

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