Ectopic Pregnancies

Ectopic Pregnancies

Medical Negligence Case Studies

Ectopic is the term used when A pregnancy occurs outside the Uterus. The most common form that we come across is an ectopic pregnancy in a Fallopian Tube.  If these pregnancies are not discovered they can be life threatening.  Early detection results in the best outcome.  It is essential that the proper tests are done as, gone undetected, these pregnancies can be life threatening.  If detected in the early stages the pregnancy can be treated chemically with no resulting damage to the patient.  At the next level of detection the pregnancy can be removed by laparoscope.  Failure to do this may result in the rupture of the fallopian tube and removal of the fallopian tube.

The fertility concerns following such an event are obvious.  We have acted in cases where the pregnancy was allowed to progress to the point that an operation for removal of the fallopian tube became necessary and the wrong tube was removed.  Such events are thankfully rare.  In cases where the medical management has been so poor as to result in a requirement for IVF in future in order to become pregnant, then clearly a case for the cost of that IVF treatment can be taken as part of a clinical negligence action as the costs associated with IVF treatment can be very considerable.

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