Mirena Coil Cases

Mirena Coil Cases

Medical Negligence Case Studies

The official statistics show that problems with the insertion of Intrauterine Contraceptives are very rare.  For example, they say that the instances of perforation of the Uterus are limited to 0 to 2.3 per 1000 insertions.  In spite of this reassuring statistic, we have represented women who have suffered such an event.  The experience of the Doctor inserting the IUD is crucial.  A Doctor who does not have the relevant training or does not carry out the recommended number of insertions per month should not carry out the procedure.  Even if the Doctor has the training, there are certain times when the procedure should not be carried out because the risk of perforation is higher.

The patient’s history is most important and it can often be the case that the IUD should be inserted under a General Anesthetic with the relevant expert and all the associated clinical back up that goes with that. At certain times the risk of damage is just too great to be offset by the potential benefit of the procedure and women who suffer damage from procedures that are carried out at these inappropriate times or in the incorrect setting should seek legal advice, especially in circumstances where the follow-up support needed is not forthcoming.  We have found, unfortunately, that this can often be the case.

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