Assault, Personal Injury

Assault, Personal Injury

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Assault in nightclub – stabbing – damages – Personal Injury*


Our Client was a lawful paying customer in the Defendants licensed premises. The Plaintiff and his brother were on the dance floor when the Plaintiff’s brother was confronted by a gang of men and told to watch himself. Following on from this one of the men called the others over and one of the men punched the Plaintiff’s brother for no good reason and when the Plaintiff went to aid his brother he was surrounded by approximately five men and held and punched before being put into a headlock dragged to the ground before the Plaintiff felt his shirt being lifted up and his body being stabbed a number of times in the lower back. At the point when people realised that the Plaintiff had been viciously assaulted, stabbed and was seriously wounded. The Plaintiff has been left with scarring to his back. Expert reports confirmed that plastic surgery is not an option.


Proceedings were issued as against the licensed premises and the security company engaged by the nightclub/licensed premises. The security company indemnified the nightclub and liability was admitted by the solicitors acting on behalf of the security company.


Shortly before the case was to be heard in the High Court, solicitors representing the Defendants agreed to settlement negotiations. After lengthy negotiations an offer was made and accepted to include the following;

  1. Substantial damages
  2. Out of pocket expenses


James McSweeney, Solicitors

29th March 2018

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